balancing meaning in Hindi

balancing sentence in Hindi
• संतुलन
• शेष या बकाया निकालना

• प्रवाह-संतुलन
• बाकी निकालना
• शेष निकालना
• संतुलन-
• संतुलनकारी
• संतुलनकारी संतोलकन
• संतोलन यंत्र
• संतोलन
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  1. This is a stringent statewide measure, but a balanced measure,
  2. One advantage we have is that we are a balanced team.
  3. Johnnie loses his balance and steps on Arnie's hand.
  4. "It's a real balancing act ."
  5. Traders basically were balancing their accounts Wednesday ahead of the report.
  6. Schools Chancellor Ramon Cortines now weighs in with a balanced approach.
  7. His eyesight is bad and he has trouble keeping his balance.
  8. "It's always a delicate balance ."
  9. And so they upset the body's delicate natural balance.
  10. Balance, moderation and variety are the keys to healthy diet,
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  1. getting two things to correspond; "the reconciliation of his checkbook and the bank statement"

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