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  1. The man-on-the-street badinage can be priceless.
  2. If I may add a reference to all this badinage?
  3. Ms . Davis and Ms . Gallagher are nearly her equals in badinage.
  4. Such badinage has become an accepted form of contemporary humor, almost obligatory.
  5. For their sultry, intelligent badinage in " An Ideal Husband ."
  6. The actors'friendship infused the film : their best scenes are boyish badinage.
  7. The two are sharing breakfast and badinage.
  8. Still, the show's sunny charisma and sparkling badinage remain firmly in place.
  9. Badinage about boodle dominates our discussion.
  10. That bit of badinage cemented Phoenix's reputation as a channel that gets away with things.
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  1. frivolous banter

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