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backward linkage sentence in Hindi

backward:    अतीत काल में पीछे
linkage:    संयोजन सहलग्नता
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  1. Azim Group now has 23 garments factories and 3 backward linkage factories.
  2. Normally, projects create both forward and backward linkages.
  3. An example of an industry that has excellent forward and backward linkages is the steel industry.
  4. These industries create long chains of backward linkages.
  5. Backward linkages include coal and iron ore mining.
  6. A backward linkage is created when a project encourages investment in facilities that enable the project to succeed.
  7. Considering export possibilities, setting up of backward linkage, national priority, environmental cooperation and employment opportunity special incentives have been given in the following sectors:
  8. The improved regional-subregional collaborations will spur trade, investment, and small and medium-sized enterprise ( SME ) development through enhanced backward linkages, production system, and forward linkages.
  9. Emphasis has also been given in setting up of textile mills in private sector, modernising old mills and establishing backward linkage to the export-oriented garments industry at the meeting.
  10. Its main focus areas include development of infrastructure, technological up gradation, development of backward linkages, enforcement of quality standards and expanding domestic as well as export markets for processed food products.
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