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back:    कमर पीछे का
talk:    सम्भाषण बातें
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  1. When back talk happens can be a clue to why it happens.
  2. FBN-CROUSE-COLUMN _ Miami Dolphins defensive backs talk about San Francisco 49ers receivers.
  3. You know Tomjanovich isn't going to have deal with any back talk.
  4. They've never taken kindly to back talk from north of the 49th Parallel.
  5. "There's no lip, no back talk, no arguing, " she said.
  6. When Masry suggests she rethink her wardrobe, he gets back talk.
  7. Back talk to a teacher was a step away from expulsion.
  8. Renewed violence in the Middle East clouds Bush's back-to-back talks with Mubarak and Sharon.
  9. Also, Alex often back talks to Amanda, which Amanda usually blows down with ease.
  10. Some people say they can't get away from D-Backs talk.
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  1. an impudent or insolent rejoinder; "don''t give me any of your sass"
    synonyms:, , , ,

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