bachelor party meaning in Hindi

bachelor party sentence in Hindi
• अविवाहित पुरुषों की गोष्ठी
bachelor:    कुंवारा पुरुष
party:    साझी जत्था टोली
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  1. Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts hosted a bachelor party there.
  2. The councilman said he goes to strip clubs only for bachelor parties.
  3. In the summer of 2007, Jordan was arrested at Eric's bachelor party.
  4. _Klingon bachelor party on " Star Trek : Deep Space 9 "!
  5. This is not a scene from a bachelor party or local cabaret.
  6. Does a wild experience at a bachelor party portend infidelity later on?
  7. His uncle had his bachelor party at the Melody Inn in 1955.
  8. Then there's Angels pitcher Chuck Finley and wifey Tawny " Bachelor Party"
  9. They were the site of bachelor parties, women's outings, even family picnics.
  10. Wilson warns Chase about the consequences of House throwing Chase's bachelor party.
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  1. stag party held for a bachelor (usually on the night before he is married)

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