baby grand meaning in Hindi

baby grand sentence in Hindi
• पोता
• नवासा
• छोटा पियानो
baby:    प्रेयसी बच्चा
grand:    ग्रैन्ड बड़ा
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  1. The East Hall dining room had a baby grand piano for entertainment.
  2. The decor features candlelit tables, two fireplaces, and a baby grand piano.
  3. Old baby grands can be bought for as little as $ 2, 000.
  4. A computerized black baby grand Yamaha piano in the next room played Mozart.
  5. There are perhaps 10 grand and baby grand pianos in the whole country.
  6. Orville Wright succeeded in flying the Baby Grand at a speed of nearly.
  7. A musician was playing old Broadway tunes on a baby grand.
  8. He's the pyromeister who once torched his baby grand for a grand finale.
  9. A card shop now occupies the spot of the Baby Grand.
  10. The black Steinway baby grand that sits upstage is pitted along some surfaces.
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  1. a small grand piano
    synonyms:, , , ,

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