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  1. The berries produced contain eight axile ovules in each ovary locule.
  2. The flowers are perfect, ovary is superior and bicarpellated, with axile placentation.
  3. Each locule of the superior ovary has 2 ovules with axile placentation that are anatropous to campylotropous.
  4. Tex Axile, who had briefly been a member in this era, went on to join Transvision Vamp.
  5. Gesneriaceae have traditionally been separated from Scrophulariaceae by having a unilocular rather than bilocular ovary, with parietal rather than axile placentation.
  6. It is three-carpelate and one or, more rarely, three-partitioned, with parietal placentation ( axile in the Apostasioideae ).
  7. Anthony Doughty ( Tex Axile ) joined a band called Max with Matthew Ashman, Kevin Mooney, John Reynolds and John Keogh in which he played keyboards.
  8. The situation between O'Neal and Bryant has been smooth because of the other reason they've been successful : O'Neal has been utterly dominant, the axile of that offense.
  9. A variant is the "'Septifragal capsule "'( "'valvular capsule "') in which the outer walls break away from the septa and ( usually axile ) placentae as valves.
  10. "' Gynoecium "'- Carples 5, syncarpous, ovary superior, penta or multilocular with axile placentation, one ovule in each locule; style 1, passing through the staminal tube; stigma globular, correspond to the number of carples.
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  1. relating to or attached to the axis; "axial angle"

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