axes meaning in Hindi

axes sentence in Hindi
छोटा करना
संक्षिप्त करना
समाप्त कर देना
कटौती करना
नौकरी से निकाल देना
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  1. Once his ax was sharpened, he walked away laughing ..
  2. In the coming weeks, Ackerley may pick up the ax.
  3. These axes run roughly along the geopolitical lines that divide Macedonia.
  4. Aspirations : Whitman's Budget Ax Clears a Path for Her
  5. Federated will use a meat-ax, not a scalpel.
  6. But two months ago Gonzalez, 30, got the ax.
  7. Virtually no marchers had rifles, axes or big panga knives.
  8. Mercader drove a pick-ax into Trotsky's head.
  9. During the Stone Age, axes were sharp, handheld stones.
  10. It was more of someone who had an ax to grind,
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