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  1. PEPT combines a progressive loading exercise program with pain-avoidance behaviour management.
  2. At other times, the ambient conditions can be manipulated to encourage avoidance behaviour.
  3. Over time, inbreeding depression may lead to the evolution of inbreeding avoidance behaviour.
  4. Some psychosocial interventions work on this fear-avoidance behaviour to improve functioning and thereby alleviate symptoms.
  5. This functions as a classical negative reinforcement : The avoidance reaction is rewarding as it reduces anxiety, reinforcing avoidance behaviour.
  6. The presence of shipping produces avoidance behaviour, causing deeper dives for feeding, the break-up of groups, and asynchrony in dives.
  7. In addition to whales, sea turtles, fish and squid all showed alarm and avoidance behaviour in the presence of an approaching seismic source.
  8. Like many species that colonise remote islands with few predators, it lost much of its predator avoidance behaviour, along with its ability to fly.
  9. Members of the committee describe how geese and ducks show " avoidance behaviour indicating aversion for the person who feeds them and the feeding procedure ".
  10. However, in many predatory species, detection of toxins through mouthing of a cane toad, is sufficiently unpalatable to induce avoidance behaviour in subsequent encounters.
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