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  1. Most boat-ramp bottlenecks, say marina managers, are caused by avoidable delays.
  2. In fact, the entire process requires to be expedited through a determined drive by doing away with cumbersome procedure which causes avoidable delays.
  3. But Mugabe has ignored unfavorable judgments in the past, and in a fiery speech Monday he warned his government would " brook no impediment and suffer no avoidable delays ."
  4. Eurotunnel said an internal review found the fire wasn't caused by any failure of its own equipment, though it censured its staff for " avoidable delays " that worsened the incident.
  5. GHQ suggested that according to Haking's own report the reserves had been held up by " avoidable delay " and pointed out the futility of " pushing reserves through a narrow gap ".
  6. Haig denied that there had been any " avoidable delay " and Haking now changed his mind and sent a new report ( 27 October ) blaming the slowness of his troops'march on their inexperience.
  7. Adolf Hitler later came to believe that these two days, when combined with other avoidable delays on the drive south, allowed Marshal Semyon Timoshenko to reinforce the forces in Stalingrad before the 4th Panzer Army could arrive to allow taking of Stalingrad.
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