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  1. Bush and his supporters must avoid like the plague lies or hair-splitting arguments to defend attempts to conceal or mislead.
  2. As for Hollywood men, Ms . Obst lists some ever-present types that women " should avoid like the plague ."
  3. This is " truly horrific shovelware " that even " dedicated Civil War buffs should avoid like the plague ."
  4. Independent, clashing and, above all, loads of fun, the Guerrette-Lawson bungalow is the kind of home that mainstream shelter magazines avoid like the plague.
  5. "The staff tries to avoid like the plague making policy, " said Lyle Gramley, the chief economist in charge of preparing the Greenbook in the mid-1970s.
  6. Daniel Berrigan, still conscientious after all these years, saw it all coming : " A revolution is interesting insofar as it avoids like the plague the plague it promised to heal ."
  7. "The Lost Children, " one of two tracks written solely by Jackson, is a mind-bogglingly amateurish composition complete with youth choir and a whimpering youngster, not to mention a topic he should avoid like the plague.
  8. Why NBC committed to the ill-advised wager that audiences are going to care about what goes on at Los Angeles International Airport-- the place regular L . A . travelers avoid like the plague ( " Burbank!
  9. Thus, it would seem to me that if JohnSmith's were truly seeking to avoid Giovanni then " Allegations . . . U . S . " would be one of the very few places he would avoid like the plague.
  10. There would, of course, always be the temptation by editors who opposed you to conspire together and get five more editors over to that page-- the kind of thing we should avoid like the plague, since the behavior would be repeated elsewhere.
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