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ओजे प्रभाव
auger:    बरमा हाथ-बरमा बड़ा
effect:    परिणाम प्रभात
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  1. Auger recombination is a similar Auger effect which occurs in semiconductors.
  2. The Auger effect allows one to multiply ionize an atom with a single photon.
  3. This aroused an interest in the Auger effect, a subject in which he would later become an authority.
  4. If a core electron is missing, a positive ion can autoionize further and lose a second electron in the Auger effect.
  5. He produced a non-relativistic theory of the Auger effect in 1935, followed by a relativistic treatment the following year.
  6. Lithium represents the lower limit for AES sensitivity since the Auger effect is a " three state " event necessitating at least three electrons.
  7. In 1922, she discovered the cause of the emission from surfaces of electrons with'signature'energies, known as the Auger effect.
  8. This second ejected electron is called an Auger electron and this process of electronic transition with indirect radiation emission is known as the Auger effect.
  9. The Auger effect is an electronic process at the heart of AES resulting from the inter-and intrastate transitions of electrons in an excited atom.
  10. It is in a metastable state and will decay within 10 " 15 s, determinable by x-ray fluorescence or by the Auger effect.
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