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• श्रवण संवेदना
auditory:    श्रवण श्रवणात्मक
sensation:    अनुभूति
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  1. Vibration of the skull results in auditory sensation.
  2. The principle is based on decades of research showing that bone conduction stimulation of the teeth initiates auditory sensations.
  3. Pulsed microwave radiation can be heard by some workers; the irradiated personnel perceive auditory sensations of clicking or buzzing.
  4. Such a heightened auditory sensation results from your brain's reclassifying what it previously detected as noise to a worthwhile signal.
  5. He collected pieces of sound from a variety of sources and fit them together to create an interesting auditory sensation.
  6. Pulsed microwave radiation can be perceived by some workers as a phenomenon called " microwave hearing "; the irradiated personnel perceive auditory sensations of clicking or buzzing.
  7. That is, if Stevens's " sone " scale genuinely measured the intensity of auditory sensations, then evidence for such sensations as being quantitative attributes needed to be produced.
  8. More formally, it is defined as " that attribute of auditory sensation in terms of which sounds can be ordered on a scale extending from quiet to loud ".
  9. His Dissertation was entitled " Beitrag zur Ermittlung der informationstragenden Merkmale von Schallen mit Hilfe der H�rempfindungen " ( literally, " Contribution to determination of information-carrying characteristics of sounds with the help of auditory sensations " ).
  10. The developers claimed that through the combination of pulse parameters and pulse power, it is possible to raise the auditory sensation to a  discomfort level, deterring personnel from entering a protected perimeter or, if necessary, temporarily incapacitating particular individuals.
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  1. the subjective sensation of hearing something; "he strained to hear the faint sounds"

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