au fait meaning in Hindi

au fait sentence in Hindi
के प्रति सचेत
के प्रति सजग
au:    दूरी का माप पृथ्वी
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  1. I'm not really au fait with the BLP rules anymore, sorry.
  2. Meredith was also quite " au fait " with Acol.
  3. They assume that I should be " au fait " with the basics; but I'm not!
  4. He participated in the French Revolution of 1848, was author and editor of'Anarchie, Journal de l'Ordre and Au fait!
  5. It is just that I am not au fait with the ins and outs of wikipedia red-tape, while the administrator is.
  6. He participated in the French Revolution of 1848, was author and editor of " Anarchie, Journal de l'Ordre " and " Au fait!
  7. If someone who's " au fait " with the fair use requirements could check the image page to make sure everything is kosher, I'd appreciate it.
  8. I hope someone who is a bit more au fait with the subject will review it too-- talk ) 19 : 18, 8 June 2010 ( UTC)
  9. The latter I may need help for, from admins who are more " au fait " such things ( will a simple redirect do the trick ? ).
  10. I'm not " au fait " enough with our templates and stuff to know how to formally but politely tell this user they need to change their approach.
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  1. being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge; "kept abreast of the latest developments"; "constant revision keeps the book au courant"; "always au fait on the latest events"; "up on the news"
    synonyms:, ,

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