atomic absorption meaning in Hindi

atomic absorption sentence in Hindi

परमाण्वीय अवशोषण
atomic:    अंतः परमाणुक
absorption:    अवचूषण अवशोषण
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  1. Compared to atomic absorption spectroscopy, ICP-MS has greater speed, precision, and sensitivity.
  2. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, nitrogen analyzer, ion meter etc . are available here.
  3. Optical spectroscopy is further divided into atomic absorption spectroscopy and atomic emission spectroscopy.
  4. Metal concentrations in tissues are analyzed using atomic absorption methods.
  5. Flame Atomic absorption spectroscopy Instruments, made by e . g.
  6. For example, Atomic absorption spectroscopy is used to identify alloys of gold, bronze and copper.
  7. Some technical terms for related processes include Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Compton scattering, spontaneous emission, stimulated emission.
  8. Other errors may be caused by atomic absorption / resonance lines not targeted but still active.
  9. The science faculty boasts a Video Microscope, an Atomic Absorption, IR and 4 UV Visible Spectrophotometers.
  10. In atomic absorption spectroscopy, light of a predetermined wavelength is passed through a collection of atoms.
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