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  1. Precise measurements of atmospheric absorption were not made until 1888 and 1904.
  2. It is also reduced by atmospheric absorption and scattering.
  3. It appears that meteorological conditions at Brukkaros Mountain made the compensation for atmospheric absorption inaccurate.
  4. Atmospheric absorption reduces, or degradation increases with frequency.
  5. Compared to lower bands, radio waves in this band have high atmospheric absorption by rain reduces signal strength.
  6. By taking readings at different times of day, he tried to correct for effects due to atmospheric absorption.
  7. These frequencies allow large bandwidth while avoiding the crowded UHF frequencies and staying below the atmospheric absorption of EHF frequencies.
  8. The engine plays sounds using a custom mixer that provides capabilities such as frequency shifting, Doppler effect, reverberation, and atmospheric absorption.
  9. First, the Brukkaros observatory was at a relatively low elevation, with the result that atmospheric absorption was both substantial and variable.
  10. On the other hand, casual stargazers may delight in how atmospheric absorption paints the midnight sky's most dazzling object a deep crimson.

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