at the eleventh hour meaning in Hindi

at the eleventh hour sentence in Hindi
ऐन मौके पर
at:    ऐट स् पर में से की
at the:    की प्रेरण पर के
the:    वही यह वह वही वह
eleventh:    ग्यारहवाँ
hour:    घंटा घड़ी समय हीरा
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  1. "At the Eleventh Hour " by Pt Rajmani Tugnait ( Himalayan Press Institute)
  2. They also said the deal could still fall apart at the eleventh hour.
  3. "We're not at the eleventh hour, but we're damn close ."
  4. At the eleventh hour, owner Katharine Graham gave the green light.
  5. It's now coming in at the eleventh hour, four months before the election.
  6. Shelby was told at the eleventh hour to use the iron.
  7. Some bread crumbs are being thrown at this community at the eleventh hour,
  8. But Gramm opposed the legalization component and scuttled the deal at the eleventh hour.
  9. Luckily, Tank and Sabre Jet arrive at the eleventh hour to save the day.
  10. However, Katherine appears at the eleventh hour, interrupting Elena's would-be final moments with Damon.

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