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दूसरे के द्वारा
at:    ऐट स् पर में से की
second:    समर्थन सहायक
second hand:    उतरन सेकण्ड की सुई
hand:    वश ओर सहायता कर
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  1. Yet translating at second hand did not mar the quality of his result.
  2. Courtroom developments reach the audience at second hand.
  3. When he quotes a book at second hand he takes pains to say so.
  4. During their one year vow the Compact members must shop only at second hand stores.
  5. Farmer proposed that Shakespeare's knowledge of classical history was obtained at second hand through translations.
  6. Llorente traces in Vald�s the influence of Tauler; any such influence must have been at second hand.
  7. One woman I know does all her shopping, Christmas and every other day, at second hand stores.
  8. Smoking, it is true, can also injure non-smokers who inhale a lot of smoke at second hand.
  9. They may have known the Aristotelian " Kitb al-hayawn " at second hand from Arabic compendiums of selected passages from the book.
  10. After the war, there was a bitter quarrel between Perry and Elliot over their respective parts in the action, mostly fought at second hand in the press.
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