at risk to meaning in Hindi

at risk to sentence in Hindi
खतरे मेम् डालकर
at:    ऐट स् पर में से की
at risk:    खतरे में at ऐट स् पर
risk:    आशंका खतरा ख़तरा
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
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  1. Canseco is at risk to get hurt if he plays right.
  2. Let your kids see it at risk to property and siblings.
  3. These guys are putting themselves at risk to help these folks.
  4. And, officials urged people at risk to be tested for HIV.
  5. Like many others I put my life at risk to oppose the Nazi dictatorship.
  6. They remain unwilling to put combat troops at risk to achieve their strategic objectives.
  7. And American Indian tribes continue to be at risk to lose more sacred ground.
  8. That safeguards Catalonia but leaves the rest of Spain at risk to ETA attacks.
  9. "The company is putting a lot at risk to be involved in this.
  10. If so, most remaining Hawai?ian land birds may become at risk to extinction.
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