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सार्वजनिक व्यय से
at:    ऐट स् पर में से की
public:    सामान्य जन जन जनता
public expense:    सरकारी व्यय
expense:    खर्च खर्चा मूल्य
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  1. The rooms were probably outfitted for city magistrates fed at public expense.
  2. Poor people who face criminal charges get lawyers provided at public expense.
  3. That means feasting and living it up at public expense are out.
  4. The report, however, found no evidence Cresson enriched herself personally at public expense.
  5. Murder-case defendants usually receive one or two lawyers at public expense.
  6. All the teachers were to take part in the course at public expense.
  7. They were permitted to convene twice every year, at public expense.
  8. He said there would be no more banquets at public expense.
  9. In jail, Leah Crounse gets her counseling at public expense.
  10. When his house burned down, the Senate demanded it be rebuilt at public expense.
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