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at:    ऐट स् पर में से की
bar:    छड़ सिटकिनी डंडा
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  1. A third theme based primarily on sixteenth-note upbeats appears at bar 87.
  2. But high-tech innovations are cropping up at bars all across the country.
  3. Subsequently, Tamari served as Senior Lecturer in Economics at Bar Ilan University.
  4. At bars, patrons dumped beer on each other and broke into song.
  5. All the five perform at bar and other small shows for money.
  6. Beverages sold at bars and restaurants must be consumed on the establishments'premises.
  7. For a spell, he played rock music at bars and Holiday Inn lounges.
  8. They began to play shows at bars in and around the Boston area.
  9. He studied law at bar of York County in 1866, but never practiced.
  10. Schwartz studied at Bar Ilan University and earned a mayoral positions in Israel.
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