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संघ करार
संघ समझौता
association:    सम्मेलन मण्डली
agreement:    सुलह अन्वय
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  1. The coalition said it wants an association agreement with the European Union.
  2. Slovakia's association agreement with the EU went into effect early this year.
  3. The Association Agreement established two main bodies for the EU Israel dialogue.
  4. Association Agreements have to be ratified by all the EU member states.
  5. The European Union already has association agreements with Cyprus, Malta and Turkey.
  6. On 18 September the Ukrainian cabinet unanimously approved the draft association agreement.
  7. Though, Armenia is a signatory of the European Union Association Agreement.
  8. In 2008, it signed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union.
  9. In 2001, in Luxembourg, Georgievski signed the EU backed Stabilization and Association Agreement.
  10. FINALLY JORDAN signed the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement in Brussels last Monday.
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