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  1. This should be linked to the assignment page created by the assigner.
  2. Assigner commands allow assignment-like syntax to call " setter " procedures.
  3. The race was interrupted while medics administered first aid and removed Assigner from the course.
  4. The race was interrupted while medics administered first aid and prepared Assigner for the short flight.
  5. EDUCAUSE replaces VeriSign as the assigner of Internet addresses ending in " . edu ."
  6. He was official assigner for the court and a regional director for the Upper Ottawa Steamboat Company.
  7. But if a formal power is bestowed, the assigner should make it as specific and explicit as possible.
  8. The update is made by exchanging a socketed EPROM chip ( a 32k 27C256 ) on the Assigner board.
  9. The phenomenon of ECM makes it evident that accusative case is not necessarily assigned to the complement of the assigner.
  10. Previous to the SF 2005 game, there has only been the Supreme Commander and the mysterious " Assigner ".
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