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  1. They also include the asset stripping of state companies and secret profit-sharing agreements,
  2. Corporate raiders use asset stripping to repay debts while increasing their net worth.
  3. On the question of asset stripping, now we have much more evidence than ever before,
  4. This is not an asset stripping exercise at all,
  5. This is essentially directed at private equity firms, and partly aims to stop asset stripping.
  6. Medvedev put an end to the large-scale tax evasion and asset stripping by the previous corrupt management.
  7. In asset stripping, an investor buys a company and then sells off valuable assets to make a profit.
  8. "We did not become the fifth-largest company in Britain by asset stripping, " he once told an interviewer.
  9. Sibur has been the most recent focus of a wider probe into allegations of asset stripping at Gazprom.
  10. Such " asset stripping " threatens to make thousands of marginal enterprises effectively worthless in the next few years.
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