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मूल्य-निर्धारण दर
assessment:    आंकलन दर निर्धारण
rate:    मूल्य जहाज का दरजा
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  1. That follows a 13.5 percent decline in the assessment rate in 1996.
  2. Based upon the assessment rate, LISCO grossed $ 268, 000 in 2008.
  3. The current system of billing is based on water consumption and assessment rates.
  4. Final assessment rated the tornado as an EF4 with wind gusts estimated at.
  5. This surcharge serves to offset discounted peacekeeping assessment rates for less developed countries.
  6. That follows a 13 . 5 percent decline in the assessment rate in 1996.
  7. Ratepayers in the Subang Jaya municipality owe the council RM10 million in assessment rate arrears.
  8. No assessment rates hike for Sabak Bernam, Petaling Jaya
  9. Helping an article attain a higher assessment rating is, after all, a rather rewarding experience.
  10. The new assessment rate is based on the expected gross annual rental value of premises.
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