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  1. Each organization within the fraternity was to have its own assembly room.
  2. The assembly rooms became a Grade II * listed building in 1952.
  3. Assembly Rooms using established comedians in the roles of the twelve jurors.
  4. The community house had a fireplace, an assembly room, and game rooms.
  5. Remaining prospects will then be handed questionnaires in the jury assembly room.
  6. He hired workmen to redesign the old assembly room into a theatre.
  7. The ground floor also contains the former Assembly Room, Lounge and offices.
  8. The original school had an assembly room capable of holding 1, 000 students.
  9. After a brief spell of unemployment, and with Assembly Rooms on 16 October.
  10. The Ensemble plays regularly in Newcastle s Assembly Rooms, Morpeth, and Chillingham Castle.

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