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  1. "What about outsourcing the entire administration ? " asks Price Waterhouse's Wong.
  2. An example of a price mechanism uses announced bid and ask prices.
  3. Currently, only the best aggregate bid price and ask price are listed.
  4. Like stocks, the Big Board sells seats based on bid and ask prices.
  5. Continental shares last traded at an ask price of 28 1 / 8.
  6. BioTime shares closed today at an ask price of 34 3 / 8.
  7. The difference between the bid price and the ask price is called the spread.
  8. The Big Board sells seats according to values set by bid and ask prices.
  9. But the ask price rose as high as $ 52.
  10. Most, but not all, experts say the difference between bid and ask prices will shrink.

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