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  1. As with the Type 94, the interior was lined with heat insulating asbestos sheets.
  2. On either side of the cottage are six changing cubicles with sloping roofs covered with asbestos sheets.
  3. The inner portions that were erected by Desai included the asbestos sheets were the materials used to create the interiors of the forts.
  4. This was most visible in the roof, where the slates were replaced by corrugated asbestos sheets and the dormers on the forecourt side removed.
  5. The contaminated soil contained asbestos sheets and pipes that were dumped at the site by builders from around Canberra during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
  6. The end of the mill building, which was covered with asbestos sheets, and the grain store, which was added to the end of the mill in the 1950s, were demolished.
  7. Other industries include bauxite and marble mines and an asbestos sheet manufacturing facility operated by Everest Industries Ltd . Everest Industries Limited's sheet manufacturing plant was established in the year 1934 by the Turner & Newall group of UK
  8. In 2007 Camerton was the site of a prosecution by the Environment Agency for the illegal dumping of waste including concrete, tarmac, bricks, blocks, subsoil, metal, fluorescent light tubes, electrical cable and asbestos sheets on the site.
  9. In Case No . 693 / 30 / 97-98, National Human Rights Commission ( NHRC ) has clearly directed to  " Replace all asbestos sheets roofing with roofing made up of some other material that would not be harmful to inmates " . 
  10. It has commenced its commercial production of asbestos sheets and pipes in 1983, And it was one of the higher revenue making industries among TANCEM's group till 2001; after 2001 this branch has halted its production, and finally the factory was completely shut down due to the political decision.
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