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  1. Deuchars has a bestselling series of books based on interactive art activities.
  2. Camp activities include daily conflict-resolution sessions, recreational sports, and arts activities.
  3. RACC funds a variety of not-for-profit, publicly accessible arts activities in the region.
  4. All are suitable for various types of cultural and arts activities.
  5. There are art activities at the City Island Arts Organization ( 718-885-9316 ).
  6. She also leads Jindal Arts Centre which promotes interdisciplinary arts activity, in India.
  7. But there is no mention of any visual art activity in the article.
  8. The cigarette industry also wants to play a greater role in nurturing art activities.
  9. Next week, Manhattan will be consumed with Asian art activities.
  10. But the basic appeal of the Rangers is their frenetic yet bloodless martial-arts activity.
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