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बाहु आश्रय
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  1. Best of all, armrests will be retractable for cuddling up.
  2. _Aisle armrests fold back for easier access to the row.
  3. There is a sliding armrest, another nuisance in my book.
  4. The doors have map pockets and storage bins in the armrests.
  5. More storage is available in the console under the center armrest.
  6. With the armrest down, those buttons are difficult to reach.
  7. There will be no gripping of armrests or peeking through fingers.
  8. The second front cup holder is hidden under the center armrest.
  9. Armrests should support the forearm and not the sensitive elbow area.
  10. The back is usually low and the chair usually has armrests.
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  1. a support for the arm

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