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argue into sentence in Hindi
के लिए राजी करना
argue:    वाद करना सूचित
into:    उपर भीतर में बीच
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  1. No body of men will be argued into slavery.
  2. One can and will argue into the dawn that the BCS is crooked, but there's no argument over who deserves the title.
  3. As the Republican Congress and the Democratic White House argue into overtime, as usual, on financing the government, the maneuvering would fit a comedy script.
  4. The two sides were arguing into Thursday night about the amount of the awards _ which were handed out in a hearing closed to the public.
  5. Blocked from building in Boston itself, the team flirted with Providence while Massachusetts legislators argued into a dead end over a proposal Kraft and Senate President Thomas F . Birmingham had put together.
  6. Catholic thinkers defined terms, made distinctions, constructed syllogisms and wielded proofs and analogies with such vigor that critics within the church as well as outside complained that church leaders operated under the illusion that people could be argued into faith.
  7. We can get excited again over the unveiling of the Texans'uniforms Tuesday, arguing into Wednesday morning and beyond whether there should be more stripes or snazzier helmets or perhaps the entire ensemble set off by stylish capri pants and a nice pair of pumps.
  8. Japan is so desperate to halt the rise in the exchange rate of its currency-- which has the effect of a vise squeezing its export economy-- that some politicians argued into the early hours Friday morning for the nation to demonstrate its commitment by setting a numerical target to cut the trade surplus in half in five years.
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