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• उपगमन बीकन
approach:    समीप गमन आग्रह
beacon:    प्रकाश
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  1. Rebecca was essentially an BABS "'( Beam Approach Beacon Signal ) form.
  2. He learned to use the Blind approach beacon system ( BABS ) which Burbridge surmised as audible dots and dashes.
  3. While approaching Basel, Flight 435 passed two approach beacons in Basel, named as beacon MN and BN . However, the aircraft overshot.
  4. However, the aircraft struck trees 1480 meters before the runway and 50 meters before the final approach beacon ( " Locator S " ).
  5. A Beam Approach Beacon System ( " Rebecca " ) transponder unit was fitted in 1944, with the associated aerial appearing under the centre section.
  6. IV system, new versions of the Standard Beam Approach radios were developed that operated on the 1.5 m band, known as Beam Approach Beacon System, or BABS . This was also the band that the earlier IFF Mk.
  7. A city police launch later took the other three stowaways off the 420-foot Narva, out of Tallinn, Estonia, which had called recently in the Dominican Republic and had anchored two miles northwest of Ambrose Light, the approach beacon for New York Harbor, to await clearance to enter the city's waterways.
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