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ऐप्लीके किया हुआ
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  1. This is done with embroidery, appliques, weaving and printing.
  2. Sargent wanted the workshop to produce 300 appliqued pillows a month.
  3. Lang's more experimental designs included metallic applique and piecings.
  4. Supply note : Appliques are available at fabric and craft stores.
  5. Fabric flowers appliqued to gray dresses had a soft original look.
  6. Some panels were appliqued with T-shirts and even blue jeans.
  7. _Lace, lace appliques and re-embroidered lace.
  8. Applique on everything from onesies to overalls is a big fall trend.
  9. Think jumpsuits with appliqued bunnies peeking out of the pockets.
  10. The pants and jackets are richly appliqued and decorated with Swarovski crystals.
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