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  1. The solution may not prove to be appetizing to the banks.
  2. MIAMI _ Its golden-yellow color is less than appetizing.
  3. There should also be an appetizing smell at the stem end.
  4. Rumors of secret ingredients abounded, some more appetizing than others.
  5. As for Tony Roma's, it still sounds appetizing.
  6. As such they present an appetizing picture to the Sacramento Kings.
  7. So Louisiana devised a new strategy : Make nutria meat appetizing.
  8. Lending to Japanese financial institutions or companies is even less appetizing.
  9. During the sham feeding of appetizing foods, 3cpm power increased.
  10. CRS also helps lawmakers make dry legislative data a bit more appetizing.
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  1. appealing to or stimulating the appetite especially in appearance or aroma

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