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कोई व्यक्ति
कोई मनुष्य
किसी को भी
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  1. Now, Fern and the Anybodies are in search of the book.
  2. Anybodies are people who can transform themselves or others into different objects through hypnotism.
  3. The reason why they mixed up the size of the pots is anybodies guess.
  4. The Bone and Marty were once great Anybodies, but they are slowly losing the powers.
  5. He and the Bone tell Fern that they are Anybodies, who can be anybody or anything.
  6. The article cannot be allowed to disagree with sources the article itself links to on anybodies say so.
  7. Well, its available on http : / / www . tutorgig . com / encyclopedia if anybodies interested.
  8. Perhaps one thing would be to the great Google check to see if these people are actually . . . anybodies?
  9. Look at how we idolize Michael Jordan when he goes one-on-one against anybody or a team of anybodies.
  10. High schools rank students into groups of somebodies, anybodies and nobodies, said Glass, who has researched high school achievement.
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