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  1. Oil has pooled at the top of the anticlinal fold for each unit.
  2. An anticlinorium is a large anticline in which a series of minor anticlinal folds are superimposed.
  3. The sediments are affected by a series of large, mainly anticlinal folds that show a variety of trends in the central part of the island.
  4. Folding also can provide tension, such as along the top of an anticlinal fold axis, where the tensile forces associated with the stretching of the upper half of the layers during folding can induce tensile fractures parallel to the fold axis.
  5. Folding initiates by shortening; limb lengthening and rotation and hinge migration, cause synclinal deflection below its original position accompanied by the flow of ductile material beneath the synclinal trough to the anticlinal core; resulting in increased amplitude of the anticlinal fold.
  6. On the evening of November 23, a wildcat well being drilled into a promising anticlinal fold underneath the Monterey Formation, northeast of the main Lost Hills field, reached the depth of and hit a previously untapped reservoir of gas under intense pressure.
  7. Oil in the field is found in both structural traps such as anticlinal folds, in which oil migrates upwards and is trapped beneath an impermeable layer, and stratigraphic traps, where oil is trapped within a rock unit due to changes within the rock itself.
  8. In the midst of this belt there are lenticular bands of older strata of Arenig, Llandeilo, Caradoc and Llandovery age composed of fine sediments such as cherts, black and grey shales, white clays and flags, which come to the surface along anticlinal folds and yield abundant graptolites characteristic of these divisions.
  9. The dips in the Permo-Triassic rocks reflect the steady swing of the beds round the north-east edge rim of the Cheshire basin, except to the north of Alderley Edge, where a gentle anticlinal fold centred on Wilmslow plunges westward and is intersected by a number of north-south tension faults.
  10. The North Belridge Field, like the South Belridge and the others nearby ( Antelope Hills, and others ) is near the western margin of the huge San Joaquin Basin, a region of extensive sedimentary rocks of varying porosity and permeability, containing anticlinal folds and copious quantities of petroleum, much of which has been extracted in the early and middle 20th century.
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