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  1. As compression develops, space issues arise in the anticlinal core.
  2. Breached anticlines can become incised by stream erosion forming an anticlinal valley.
  3. Additionally, the Milton Anticlinal is located near the creek.
  4. An anticlinal known as Cranberry Ridge crosses the headwaters of Long Run.
  5. There is an anticlinal in the vicinity of Furnace Run.
  6. There is a large amount of anticlinals, synclinals, diaclases, faults.
  7. The center of the Negev is dominated by northeast-southwest anticlinal ridges.
  8. In the North Belridge Field, most oil is trapped in anticlinal formations.
  9. Oil has pooled at the top of the anticlinal fold for each unit.
  10. Little Buffalo Creek cuts through the Buffalo Mountain Anticlinal.
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  1. sloping downward away from a common crest

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