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• विकास

• परागोद्भव
• प्रफुल्लन
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  1. This outcrossing occurs when the species florets are open during anthesis.
  2. The onset of anthesis is spectacular in some species.
  3. The spathe is not constricted and the lower part is persistent in anthesis.
  4. The leaves appear at the time of expansion of the flower ( anthesis ).
  5. After anthesis, the style sticks out prominently, ensuring the distribution of pollen.
  6. The style continues to grow until anthesis, when the nectaries begin to produce nectar.
  7. At the time of flowering, or anthesis, the flower is long and wide.
  8. The flower hangs when it is in anthesis and holds itself erect as the fruit develops.
  9. To ensure pollination, anthers release their pollen onto the pollen-presenter prior to anthesis.
  10. The species is protandrous, the anthers spilling pollen within six or seven days of anthesis.
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  1. the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms
    synonyms:, , , ,

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