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  1. The Basilica of the Annunciation became the dominant landmark of Nazareth.
  2. He has been pastor of Church of the Annunciation since 1995.
  3. Services are Friday at Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Church.
  4. The Annunciation occupies the two pillars next to the altar ."
  5. Annunciation now hosts the 6-8th graders for Holy Cross.
  6. The feast of the Annunciation is usually held on March 25.
  7. Aloysius was buried in the Church of the Annunciation in Rome.
  8. He had written during his first year a cycle of Annunciation.
  9. Annunciation and location strategies for the most part remain relatively unchanged.
  10. They are most easily seen on the scene of the Annunciation.


  1. a formal public statement; "the government made an announcement about changes in the drug war"; "a declaration of independence"
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