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  1. At dinner afterward, whites and Hispanics talked animatedly among themselves.
  2. He talks animatedly about his two boys every chance he gets.
  3. "Ah, the ball, " he responded animatedly.
  4. Everyone milled about, drinking and nibbling and chattering animatedly.
  5. Some of the women begin to explain the story animatedly to others.
  6. He stomped on the sidelines, spoke up animatedly in team huddles.
  7. The Hispanic men talked animatedly, gesturing with their hands and nodding.
  8. Dickerson animatedly described Cabrera's home run this way:
  9. Instead of attending to Nene, he talked animatedly about his experience.
  10. Subsequently, the camera cuts to him animatedly announcing a chess match.
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  1. in an animated manner; "they talked animatedly"
  2. in an animated manner; "they talked animatedly"

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