angle bar meaning in Hindi

angle bar sentence in Hindi

ऐंगल बार
कोण छड
angle:    कोना बंसी कोण कोना
bar:    छड़ सिटकिनी डंडा
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  1. Martini slides pieces of bread slathered with peanut butter through the tight spaces between the angled bars.
  2. At various times, the Kempeitai forced Elizabeth to kneel on some angled bars of wood on the floor.
  3. And the angle bars necessary to assembling the paper give rise to the possibility that there will be wrinkles in the pages.
  4. The most widespread standard frame-metal body-van is assembled from steel angles and angle bars, steering aluminum sheets outside, but inside-impregnated varnished plywood.
  5. From the right-angle bar that protrudes at the capital of the Ionic capital, hangs a string with a plumb bob at the end.
  6. It was connected to the lower portion of the sloped deck, at an angle of 10? two riveted angled bars held it in place.
  7. Making his base of operations the Angle bar at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, he sold drugs at times and himself at others, not always with notable success.
  8. The carrier owns, with the exception of the rails and angle bars, that portion of the road extending from Bernalillo to Deer Creek, a distance of 40.999 miles.
  9. On the tracks just east of the wash, the saboteur removed angle bars connecting lengths of rail and used a wire to bypass an electrical system that would have warned the crew of a break.
  10. :The structure of the wing was built up from angle bar and sheet Duralumin with the structure forward of the spars skinned in Duralumin to form torsion boxes, but aft of the main spars the wings were fabric covered.
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