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  1. Anchovy sauce ( recipe follows ) OR seasoned olive oil
  2. Take 3 / 4 cup of the pasta water and add to anchovy sauce.
  3. Drain, then quickly turn it in warm anchovy sauce.
  4. It had been baked until bubbly and then slathered with a warm creamy anchovy sauce.
  5. "Budu ", a very pungent and salty anchovy sauce is also popular among the locals.
  6. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of anchovy sauce on top.
  7. Place on small bread plates and pour anchovy sauce or seasoned oil over the bread.
  8. It is also blanched with other vegetables and dipped into bagna cauda, a warm anchovy sauce.
  9. The mahogany-colored walnut and anchovy sauce is astonishingly complex considering how few elements go into it.
  10. Paekryeong islanders were preoccupied with mending their nets and selling anchovy sauce and sashimi dishes to occasional tourists.
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  1. made of white sauce and mashed anchovies

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