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शाप देना
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  1. It was he who drafted decisions of the church council that deposed Patriarch Nikon and anathemized his opponents.
  2. Ann Lee later anathemized Ireland and would sometimes refer to his presence as an " evil spirit ".
  3. Montengrin Orthodox Church's leader is anathemized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and banished from Orthodoxy.
  4. When the volunteer army under Prokopy Lyapunov finally approached Moscow, he defied the Polish exhortations to anathemize the army.
  5. After the project was anathemized by the Roman Church, the former Maya collaborators collected and reconstructed as much as they could.
  6. Since they refused to revise their views, the Old Believer priests were defrocked, anathemized and sentenced to life imprisonment in distant monasteries.
  7. Bellarmine took in particular the example of Pope Honorius I, who had been anathemized by the Third Council of Constantinople as holding to monothelitism.
  8. During the discussions which followed, Orthodox theologians warned that, according to church's doctrine, people who want to change the purpose of a plot of land where a church is destined to be built will be anathemized.
  9. He proved that the rites, anathemized as a result of the Church reforms, such as the sign of the Cross with two fingers, the twice hallelujah, etc . ), were in fact rites of the ancient universal Christian Church and that the new rites ( the sign of the Cross with three fingers, thrice hallelujah, etc . ) appeared among the Greek in the 15th-16th century.
  10. It is also to be noted that by anathemizing Pope Leo because of the tone and content of his tome, as per Alexandrine Theology perception, Pope Dioscorus was found guilty of doing so without due process; in other words, the Tome of Leo was not a subject of heresy in the first place, but it was a question of questioning the reasons behind not having it either acknowledged or read at the Second Council of Ephesus in AD 449 . Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria was never labeled as heretic by the council's canons.
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