analogue to digital converter meaning in Hindi

analogue to digital converter sentence in Hindi

• अनुरूप अंकीय परिवर्तक
analogue:    अनुरूप रेखीय सदृश
to:    बन्द अवस्था में
digital:    कुंजी चाबी अाकीय
digital converter:    अंकीय परिवर्तक
converter:    सम्परिवर्तक
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  1. In this section we have mainly dealt with the analogue to digital converter as a stand-alone function which achieves astonishing accuracy with what is now a very simple and cheap architecture.
  2. Better linearity, reduced signal noise and synchronisation with the corresponding force data are big advantages due to the lack of analogue to digital converters and associated filters which add time lags and smooth the raw data.

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