analogue recording meaning in Hindi

analogue recording sentence in Hindi

• अनुरूप अभिलेखन
analogue:    अनुरूप रेखीय सदृश
recording:    अभिलेख अभिलेखिन
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  1. It is essential for both analogue recording and transmission of video material.
  2. Pieter stands for analogue recording, just like us.
  3. The album was remastered from the original analogue recordings in Melbourne in February 2006.
  4. The society was engaged in a restoration project, transferring the analogue recordings to a digital format.
  5. Analogue recordings are digitised at the highest possible fidelity to ensure high-quality digital files result.
  6. Thrasher wrote an essay on his preference for analogue recording over digital recording in the liner notes.
  7. As well as his other activities, Lyttelton was a keen analogue recordings for the Parlophone label in the 1950s.
  8. Since digital equipment has become widespread, these older analogue recording machines are no longer produced and the company has focused on other equipment.
  9. Higham co-owns Embassy Studios, a sixteen-track analogue recording studio near Basingstoke, with Foot Tapping Records boss, Clive Duffin.
  10. The Slovenian Wildlife Sound Archive is a collection of animal sounds, mainly on Heteroptera and cicadas, stored on digital and analogue recording media.
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