analogue machine meaning in Hindi

analogue machine sentence in Hindi

• अनुरूप यंत्र
analogue:    अनुरूप रेखीय सदृश
machine:    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
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  1. It was recorded on a 24-track analogue machine, and then digitally mastered ."
  2. He first used an analogue machine, the Packburn 323 Audio Noise Suppressor, and later digital equipment from CEDAR Audio Ltd to transfer, retouch and enhance recordings.
  3. The messages were decrypted by a PURPLE analogue machine at OP-20-G and passed to the SIS for translation from Japanese, early on the morning of December 7.
  4. My first Multimeter was an analogue machine-moving coil galvanometer etc . I was excitedly measuring everything I could find, including the resistances of all my electrical appliances and the mains output ( 240 V ).

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