analogue computer meaning in Hindi

analogue computer sentence in Hindi

अनुरूप अभिकलित्र
अनुरूप कंप्यूटर
अनुरूप कम्प्यूटर
analogue:    अनुरूप रेखीय सदृश
computer:    कंप्यूटर
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  1. It was a mechanical analogue computer Predictor AA No 1.
  2. The Antikythera mechanism is believed to be the earliest known mechanical analogue computer.
  3. Mechanical computers retain some interest today both in research and as analogue computers.
  4. This produced the necessary two points that could be processed by an analogue computer.
  5. He also worked with analogue computers.
  6. By the 1970s, Whitney had abandoned his analogue computer in favour of faster, digital processes.
  7. In 1947 van der Pol used this representation to construct an analogue computer for finding roots of the zeta function.
  8. Locating mortars was relatively easy because their trajectory was sufficiently close to parabolic that the simple mathematics of parabolas could be used with analogue computers.
  9. At the heart was an analogue computer designed by Commander ( later Admiral Sir ) Frederic Charles Dreyer that calculated rate of change of range.
  10. Naval and anti-aircraft artillery started using analogue computers before World War 2, these were connected to the guns to automatically aim them.
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  1. a computer that represents information by variable quantities (e.g., positions or voltages)

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