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सदृश संरचना
analogous:    अनुरूपता अनुरूपी
structure:    गृह संरचना करना घर
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  1. In the female, the urethral artery serves the analogous structures.
  2. In the central nervous system, the analogous structures are known as tracts.
  3. As the ovaries and testicles are analogous structures, the sensation is supposed to be similar.
  4. Given that we have some analogous structures already in userspace sandboxes, Article Incubator, is this idea being given serious examination?
  5. The analogous structures have similar function or macroscopic structure, but different microscopic structure; for example, no thallus has vascular tissue.
  6. Like in most Boarmiini, the valval analogous structures found in Ourapterygini these " furcae " are entirely or almost symmetrical in Nacophorini.
  7. Bird, bat and pterosaur wings are analogous structures, but their forelimbs are homologous, sharing an ancestral state despite serving different functions.
  8. In contrast, convergent evolution arises when an adaptation has arisen independently, creating analogous structures such as the wings of birds and of insects.
  9. The term is also used for an analogous structure in some South American typotheres, including " Pseudotypotherium " and " Medistylus ".
  10. Later according to Brownell ( 1979 ), " Murray founded the Interdisciplinary Analogue Laboratory which was designed to identify analogous structures occurring in different fields of education.
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