an acquired taste meaning in Hindi

an acquired taste sentence in Hindi
क्रमशः विकसित हुई पसन्द
an:    एक
acquired:    उपार्जित इच्छा
acquired taste:    उपार्जित स्वाद
taste:    स्वाद अभिरुचि
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  1. For most, fondness for the desert is an acquired taste.
  2. "It's to some degree an acquired taste.
  3. Albert Brooks is an acquired taste, like Brie or squid.
  4. Judged purely by appearances, the M3 is an acquired taste.
  5. As for the rest, it's an acquired taste.
  6. Like olives and anchovies, Campers are definitely an acquired taste.
  7. Director Robert Altman has become an acquired taste over the years.
  8. Deborah, on the other hand, was an acquired taste.
  9. Japanese inns set beside hot springs _ are an acquired taste.
  10. Coslet is brash, politically incorrect and definitely an acquired taste.
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