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• अमूल्य
• अमोओल्य
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  1. The film stars Prem Kumar and Amulya in the lead roles.
  2. Amulya was initiated into sannyasa by Swami Brahmananda in 1906.
  3. It stars Ajay Rao and Amulya in the lead roles.
  4. His mother makes Amulya come back on a false pretext of her illness.
  5. Krishna also meets a young ecologist ( Amulya ).
  6. Amulya is amused and probably also in love.
  7. Amulya goes in search of Mrinmoyee in rain.
  8. He blesses Krishna to marry Meera ( Amulya ) and lead a prosperous life.
  9. She is locked in her room and in a childish tantrum throws thing at Amulya.
  10. Amulya captures the culprit, Mrinmoyee.
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